Buleria Flamenco Aerial performance for Circo de la Luna April 22, 2016.  Sonia Olla choreographed all of the flamenco additions to the number.  It is performed in front of projections of Spanish Ceilings photographed by Marc Goodwin to create the illusion of looking at the number from below:

VPL FUNDIPENDULOUS S/S 15 New York Fashion Week 9/14:

A video that I co-creative directed with Victoria Bartlett, cast, choreographed and performed in for fashion week 9/14.  It was shot in one weekend upstate with no rehearsals on very cold days!


Circo de la Luna was a circus I created, produced, cast, and performed in.  The show was accepted in the 2015-16 New Victory Theater Lab Works Professional Development Program.

EQUILIBRIUM P2, Immersive Gallery Williamsburg June 19, 2014  The first exhibition of my installation.  Over 400 feet of rope hung off of a 500 pound, 15 foot diameter steel frame with 98 bolts.  Rigging is everything – Richard Serra is my hero. – Please email me for access to this video.  Additional Choreography by Benoit Swann-Pouffer.  Costumes by VPL Styled by Edda Gudmunsdottir, Music composed by Aaron Taylor Kuffner, AKA Gamelatron.

Aerialists & Explorers:  Unconventional Engagement with Historic Preservation :

A talk/interview at the Neighborhood Preservation Center NYC moderated by Architectural Conservator and Preservation Consultant with myself and adventure photographer Lucinda Grange – known for climbing some of the tallest and most iconic structures and buildings around the globe.

CEDAR LAKE DANCE INSTALLATION Spring 2011 I created a site-specific aerial hammock structure for this installation and worked with the house rigger to order proper materials and aerial rigging for the company.  Before and throughout the performance I coached the dancers in proper safety for entering and exiting the structure to ensure their confidence in the air, as well as basic moves and transitions in the aerial structure that the choreographer could then take and build choreography upon.

REMAH RED, “WINDOW”  With only 2 and a half weeks and a shoestring budget, I produced this song for Japanese recording artist Remah Red.  She came to me with a concept – the window –  and I was able to find her a track producer, recording studio, choreographer, rehearsal studio, videographer, location, costume and editor.  This was my first experience producing a song and music video, and it was a bit crazy, but a really fun learning experience.  Tracks made by Dave LeBleu, Choreography by Abdur-Rahim Jackson.

VPL MOTILITY F/W 2015  This video was shot in Ugo Rondinone’s studio at the end of January, right after the huge “blizzard of 2015”  I cast the talent and directed acrobat movement for the complicated moving shots.  Directed by Britt Kubat and Charles Veley

CIRCO DE LA LUNA, Atlantic City 2013:  This is a circus I created, produced and performed in, Featuring Sonia Olla and Ismael Fernandez, Mark Gindick, Anna and Emily Venizelos

VPL ProActive Fitness Wear 2014 Fashion Show (I am at 8:03 of this 11minute video)

Equilibrium Demo 2013 (half the size of full project proposal)

GENIUS GALA 2012 – Please email me for access to this video.

Demo 2011 (mainly aerial silks in beautiful spaces)

Demo 2007 (includes Hammock, Lyra, and Trapeze)

Shoot the Moon (a short moon teaser shot at Cipriani 42nd Street with stunning lighting design by Jason Marin)

Bird’s eye view of the Ultra Music Festival CarlCox Stage