“The ceiling is my foundation.  While hanging I am connected with the permanence and stability of a structure that has transcended the vagaries of generations, and for a few fleeting moments I can borrow the strength of will from the mind that created it.” ~Amanda Topaz


Amanda started her performance career on the ground with Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and Ornette Coleman at Lincoln Center “?Civiliazation”, and grew into a NYC Aerialist travelling the globe performing at such unlikely events as aerial bungee for the Turkish Pop-Star Tarkan in Baku Azerbaijan on a New Year’s eve.  Many patrons seeking to make their events memorable have sought after her unparalleled aerial arts.  Amanda is proud to be a part of the New Victory Theater Labworks 2015-16 Professional Development Program.

In 2005, Amanda lost 75% of her hearing and was forced to have surgery to recover it.  Through extensive training and perseverance she gradually overcame the vertigo that followed to acquire new directional skills and equilibrium in the air.

For four years Amanda taught Aerial Fitness at Barnard College and was able to audit History of Architecture I and II with Mary McLeod and Ken Frampton at Columbia University.  This furthered her interest in the philosophies behind the ceilings she was suspended from.

Now, after twenty years of New York City based collaboration with various artists, musicians, photographers, event spaces in New York, Amanda works closely with companies and curators, fashion designers and artistic directors who come to her not only for unique aerial performances, but also for aerial installations, creative direction, production, connection to artists, rigging consultation, and general brainstorming.

Recent creations include Artistic Direction, production and performance in “Circo de la Luna” – a Spanish and Latin influenced show that was accepted into the New Victory Theater Labworks 2015-16 Professional Development Program; Co-Creative director and Choreographer for the film “Fundipendulous” with clothing designer Victoria Bartlett of VPL which featured aerial performance from man-made structures in nature; an aerial Fabric installation for Cedar Lake Dance; working with sculptor Marianne Vitale to create an aerial component to fill vertical space in an installation for Performa; and aerial collaboration with Larry Keigwin Dance Company for “Keigwin Cabaret”.  Additionally, corporate work: two years of The Genius Gala at the Liberty Science Center — a cube act to honor Erno Rubik, and a crescent moon number honoring Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Buzz Aldrin – and aerial silks to accompany opera singer Denyce Graves signature aria “Habenera” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.  She draws inspiration from learning about the people for whom she creates, and especially the beauty of the ceilings where she hangs.


Amanda holds a BFA from The New School for Social Research Jazz and Contemporary Music Program.